Welcome to Blue Bonnet Lights

Home of the annual Christmas lighting display of 6 families on Bluebonnet Drive in Sunnyvale, California, the heart of Silicon Valley!

Our display features lights that are synchronized to music, using computer-controller hardware, and an FM Transmitter so you can enjoy the show from the warmth of your car. 

Why do we do a Christmas Light display? It started when I saw this YouTube video. I said: “I want to do something like that on my house! Then, I saw a house in our city, about 2 miles away that had been doing animated Christmas lights for a number of years.

After Christmas 2006, I decided to do it on our house. I got two of my neighbors to join me (this year, it’s eight!) and Bluebonnet Lights was born.

See the NexPath Lights, an unrelated project.